The recipes at Cal Jaumet

Llibre de receptes de cuina catalana"Ramona Closa, or the alchemy of a cook"

"…el Jaumet gave me this book about his mother. Well written and very emotional. Especially when the author, Antoinette Zaccarelli describes  Ramona preparing meals. At that moment the book acquires a magical touch. It makes you feel as if you were there, beside Ramona, a master in traditional Catalan cuisine."


Ignasi Revés a

Historia de un hostal centenario



"Cal Jaumet de Torà. Cuisine and the history of a centennial inn"
Jaume Marimon and Vidal Vidal

This volume includes the century-long trajectory, a series of juicy anecdotes often customary, mirror a rural lost forever and splashed with reference to traditional dishes, with a final appendix contains forty features recipes from home some very typical of the region like the famos Sunken meat in the Segarra style or partridges in vinaigrette still cooked with love and patience like our "godmother" Ramona Closas did.


Cen anys fen cuina catalana Hostal Jaumet

"Cal Jaumet de Torà. A hundred years of a Catalan Inn"
Vidal Vidal.

 Lleida : Hostal Cal Jaumet, DL 1994. 2a ed.


The book tells the story of the hotel, as it commemorates the feast that was made for its centenary in 1990, which was attended by major political figures and the world of tourism and hospitality.



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