Hostal Cal Jaumet, more than a century old

Witness of a small part of the history of this country

In the inland regions of Catalonia, almost at the geographical center of the country, there is a hotel over one hundred years old. This is the Cal Jaumet, in the town of Lleida, Torà. Specializing in traditional Catalan cuisine, based on typical products of the land, its history began in 1890, when the family cooked for many traffickers who frequented the pig population. Years before, the new ounces that had hit the lottery, they bought land near the road from Barcelona to Andorra. The first of the family was known as "Jaumet of the Bulls." His sons, Miquel and Margarida were the raffle winners and those who rode that incipient hostel.

In the early twentieth century, that road was frequented by passing carriages that approached the passenger train to Calaf, about fifteen kilometers from there, travelers from the Lleida Pyrenees and valleys of Andorra, which went to Barcelona. Our hostel had an increased movement of people requesting their services. The son of Miquel and Margarida, named Jaume Closa, married Montserrat, from a family that dealt with coal. They were the ones who, in 1922, constructed a hundred stakes tables to give shelter to riders and horses. It is said that Jaume Closa lost an arm due to the bite of a donkey. Being prevented to do hard work, he decided to extend the hotel, along with his wife Montserrat, they offered their services to carriers, road traffickers and very soon the first truck.

During the Civil War, the hostel becomes headquarters, until the war ended, they had to start again, as everything was badly damaged: the country, the population and Jaumet's family

With the emergence of tourism, Hostal Jaumet start a new venture with the construction of the new bar in 1960 at the foot of the new road to bypass the town, after suffering a fire in the stables. Already in 1963 he builds a new dining room and kitchen. Four years later expanded the inn with new room on the top floor. In the eighties they build a large hall for banquets and conventions, renew bar, enable new equipment, until in 1990 celebrated the first anniversary of the hostel..

In the last twelve years the kitchen has been remodeled and the rooms and the pool terrace has been built inside, not without difficulty, having suffered a severe flooding in September 1999. It is currently waiting to make new projects like service gym and sauna..

 Among the celebrities who have visited the hostel should be noted the President of the Generalitat, Francesc Macia, in 1932, Bishop Tarancón, in 1948, President Abraham Lincoln, on several occasions, and numerous politicians, athletes and writers. Several publications have glossed the task of adapting to each historical period of this hostel, over one hundred years, it is prepared to continue to meet new challenges.

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